• 200 Acres in Wasaga Beach

    Sold $971,000 below the assessed
    value on Aug 1, 2013

  • 3 Buildings, 6 Units Each

    Sold $547,900 below the assessed value
    on May 29, 2014

  • Waterfront Cottage

    Sold $107,000 below the assessed value
    on April 25, 2013



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Company Profile

Meet The OTS Team

Dave Slauenwhite
Website Administrator


  • Diploma of Survey Technology, George Brown College
  • Graduate of Property Assessment Practices and Principles, Fanshawe College
  • Graduate of the Municipal Tax Administration Program, Seneca College
  • 16 Years as a Title Searcher and Mapping Specialist with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

"You can't just slap some photos of properties on a website.  Sometimes they're misleading."


With Dave's educational and professional background, he can tell when photographs don't agree with surveys, title searches, information from municipalities or from MPAC.  Photos that are questionable don't make it onto OTS.


Back in 2005 Dave helped hatch the idea for OTS.  He was deeply involved in planning the website and designing its functionality.  He ran the day-to-day operations of OTS—and he still does today.

Fiona Davis   
Senior Title Searcher   
  • Over 20 years as a title searcher
  • Worked on more than 3,000 tax registrations for municipalities
  • Worked on more than 800 tax sales for municipalities
  • Assistant Manager at Realtax Inc.


"You have to do your homework, and getting a title search is the first step.  It's an absolute must!"


When Dave is away Fiona runs OTS.  She checks photos, loads up properties, prepares and sends out our newsletter, and of course does the title searches. 


For many years Fiona has been handling the most complex of title searches and the most intricate of tax registrations.  Her expertise is a gigantic asset for our organization, our clients and our customers.

Jeff Oberman           
  • Graduate of Municipal Tax Administration Program, St. Lawrence College
  • Conducts tax sale seminars for numerous professional organizations
  • Lectures on tax sales at Seneca College
  • Written articles on tax sales that were published in various trade magazines


"There's no magic to running a successful business.  You just need a great team, a great product, and great service."


Jeff is the founder of both OntarioTaxSales.ca and Realtax Inc.  Realtax does most of the work on tax sales on behalf of municipalities.  The Realtax team has conducted tax sale-related work on more than 15,000 properties.


For many years Jeff has been traveling extensively in Ontario, teaching seminars for municipal Treasurers and Tax Collectors, and promoting OTS and Realtax.  He created Realtax in 1996 and OTS in 2005.






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