• 200 Acres of vacant land in Wasaga Beach

    200 Acres in Wasaga Beach

    Sold $971,000 below the assessed
    value on Aug 1, 2013

  • 3 Buildings, 6 Units Each

    3 Buildings, 6 Units Each

    Sold $547,900 below the assessed value
    on May 29, 2014

  • House in North Augusta

    House in North Augusta

    Sold for $36,360.00
    on August 24, 2017


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Tax Sale Results->Grey Highlands->Featured Properties:103.82 Acres - Part of TALISMAN Resort

Grey Highlands

Description of Lands

103.82 Acres - Part of TALISMAN Resort
Minimum Tender Amount:
Assessed Value:
$607,000.00 (2012)
Highest Valid Tender:
11 tenders, sold for $200,502.00
Reference Number: Grey Highlands-2013-03-04-Feature-GYGH10-11 12

The aerial photos were taken in the Spring of 2010. The boundary may not line up exactly with the photo and it may not be a current representation of the structures (if any) as shown in the image. Photographs are for convenience only. Neither the municipality nor Ontario Tax Sales Inc. can guarantee their accuracy.

Not Assigned

Block A Plan 933 except Parts 3, 6, 9 on Plan 16R7598; Part Lot 8 Concession 6 Euphrasia and Part Lot 8 Concession 5 Euphrasia as in R520653 (secondly); S/T R520654; S/T R520653; T/W R520653 except the easement thirdly described; Grey Highlands. PIN 37163-0102(LT)

42 08 390 004 12800 0000, 42 08 390 004 12674 0000
$6,636.42 (2012)
$607,000.00 (2012)
103.82 Acres
ARN 004 12800 - NEC, REC, D and H; ARN 004 12674 - REC, H
Not for NEC, or H

Part of former Talisman Mountain Resort (ski resort)

Tax Sale Results->Grey Highlands->Featured Properties:103.82 Acres - Part of TALISMAN Resort

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