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135389 Concession 8 (99.49 Acres), Desboro

Minimum Tender Amount: $45,023.22

File Number: GYCH20-15

Minimum Tender Amount:
Assessed Value:
Highest Valid Tender: 27 tenders, sold for $608,888.00
There are 3 aerial photos of this property. The aerial photos were taken in the Spring of 2010. The boundary may not line up exactly with the photo and it may not be a current representation of the structures (if any) as shown in the image. Photographs are for convenience only. Neither the municipality nor Ontario Tax Sales Inc. can guarantee their accuracy.

© OpenStreetMap contributors The arrow is pointing at the property


Municipal Address:135389 Concession 8, Desboro

Legal Description:PT LT 24 CON 7 SULLIVAN AS IN R205480; CHATSWORTH

 Roll Number: 42 04 320 005 07700 0000
 Property Size: 99.49 Acres
Assessed Value: Available in the InfoPak
Is the property on a lake or bay or river: Yes
Is the property accessible by a public or private road: Yes
Is there a house or cottage on the property: Yes
Is there some other structure on the property: Yes, barn and shed
Zoning:A1 and EP
Is it possible to obtain a building permit: Yes
Comments: Please refer to the Zoning By-Law for further details, which is available on the Township’s website.
Is it possible to rezone: Yes
Comments: Subject to application, public access; For further information regarding Zoning, contact:
Near water: Yes
Farmland: Yes
Additional info: Contact: