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Sables-Spanish Rivers

59 Sunset Bay Drive (Waterfront), Walford

Minimum Tender Amount: $17,988.19

File Number: 02

Minimum Tender Amount:
Assessed Value:
Highest Valid Tender: 22 tenders, sold for $131,939.00
Syss02p | property photo | ontario tax sales
Aerial imagery supplied by Google.
There is 1 photo of this property. The boundary may not line up exactly with the photo and it may not be a current representation of the structures (if any) as shown in the image. Photographs are for convenience only. Neither the municipality nor Ontario Tax Sales Inc. can guarantee their accuracy.
Description of Land(s):
File No: 101,926 (SSR-20-09)
Roll No.: 000-004-04910-0000
PIN: 73419-0062 (LT)
Property: 59 Sunset Bay Drive, Walford
Victoria NE 1/4 Sec 17 53M1278 L 10 PCL 53M1278-10; Sables-Spanish Rivers
Minimum Tender Amount: $17,988.19

Assessed Value: Available in the InfoPak
Is the property on a lake or bay or river: Yes
Is the property accessible by a public or private road: Yes
Is there a house or cottage on the property: Yes
Waterfront: Yes