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The North Shore

5746 Highway 17, Serpent River

Minimum Tender Amount: $10,397.16

File Number: AANS21-13

Minimum Tender Amount:
Assessed Value:
Highest Valid Tender: 3 tenders, sold for $30,000.00
There are 2 street level photos and 3 aerial photos of this property. The aerial photos were taken in the Spring of 2016. The boundary may not line up exactly with the photo and it may not be a current representation of the structures (if any) as shown in the image. Photographs are for convenience only. Neither the municipality nor Ontario Tax Sales Inc. can guarantee their accuracy.

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The arrow is pointing at the property

Municipal Address:5746 Highway 17, Serpent River

Legal Description:PCL 5525 SEC AES; PT LT 10 CON 2 LEWIS AS IN LT47806; S/T LT161413; THE NORTH SHORE

PIN:31420-0070 (LT)
 Roll Number: 57 40 040 000 06400 0000
 Property Size: Area: 0.91 acres; Frontage: 200 feet; Depth: 199 feet
Assessed Value: Available in the InfoPak
Is the property on a lake or bay or river: No
Is the property accessible by a public or private road: Yes
Is there a house or cottage on the property: No
Is there some other structure on the property: Unknown
Is it possible to obtain a building permit: Yes
Comments: Upon the CBO’s approval of a complete application. If you are considering residential construction or renovation close to or adjacent to a provincial highway, you may require a residential building and land use permit from the MTO’s Highway Corridor Management Office. Along provincial highways, the MTO setback requirements will apply, unless the municipal setback requirement is greater.
Comments: Is it possible to rezone: Possibly, upon Council approval. Residents may apply for an amendment to the Zoning By-Law and pay the relevant application fee. Please note that not all applications are approved.
Waterfront: No
Commercial / industrial: Yes
Additional info: For further information regarding Zoning, contact: 705-849-2213